Our guiding principles

Committed to better beyond ourselves

We believe in giving back to our community and support in building a sustainable future for everyone.

Our guiding principles incorporate a sustainability strategy based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Good Health and Well-being

UN Sustainable Development Goal 3

At the heart of our mission, we want to promote good health and well-being by closing the gender health gap, emphasizing disease prevention and providing access to sexual and reproductive health resources. We educate about nourishing female cycles and provide convenient solutions for everyday life. Thereby we avoid artificial additives and only use natural food colouring such as beetroot powder, natural x flavors (≥95 % derived from the named source) or extracts (100% flavoring preparation from the named source). We do not use sugar or any sweeteners. We take care that our products and packaging are free from any Endocrine Disruptors, such as BPA, Dioxins, Perchlorate, and Phthalates. Our individually packed sachets protect sensitive ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, from light and oxygen, ensuring best product quality and safety.

Gender Equality

UN Sustainable Development Goal 5

We believe in and advocate for gender equality. We pledge to always be vocal in opposing all forms of discrimination and (sexual) violence against women and girls. It's our priority to contribute to closing the gender health gap and ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health. We empower women to take ownership of their health through our cycle-based nutrition offering. We pursue opportunities for fostering complete and meaningful involvement in society, ensuring equal leadership opportunities, acknowledging the significance of unpaid care work within households, and promoting shared responsibilities within families.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

UN Sustainable Development Goal 8

We are an active member of the startup ecosystem, working to support entrepreneurship through networking and partnerships. We aim for resource efficiency along our entire value chain, and by doing so aim to separate economic growth from bringing harm to the environment. Our focus is on innovation, and we aim to create meaningful jobs with a clear purpose thereby creating a safe, attractive, and diverse work environment for all genders, without discrimination. We are committed to paying fair and equal, for work of equal value.

Responsible Consumption and Production

UN Sustainable Development Goal 12

We promote awareness for sustainable lifestyles and stand for high quality and responsible use of natural resources. We are mindful of our material footprint and make an effort to source materials exclusively from Germany. We strive to minimize (food) waste throughout our production and supply chain. To achieve this, we use thinner materials, reduce the size of our packaging, and eliminate unnecessary outer packaging. We prioritize the use of renewable and recycled packaging materials, including inks, and aim to avoid difficult-to-recycle composites. Our sachets are made of a recyclable mono-plastic. The outer packaging is made of recycled paper fibers and is printed with recyclable inks.