The first Menstrual Cycle Routine

Empowering women, menstruating people, and anyone with xx chromosomes to nourish their (hormonal) health, well-being, beauty, and fertility.


    Based on the latest medical research and insights from our XX Health Advisory Board. Without potentially harmful additives and unnecessary fillers such as artificial colors, flavors, endocrine disruptors, sugars and sweeteners.


    3 supplement powders each tailored to the specific phases of the menstrual cycle: BLOODY BERRY for the menstrual phase, GREEN GLOW for the follicular phase leading to ovulation, and CALM CHOCO for the luteal phase.


    Daily drinks with 20g protein and a base formula with collagen, L-tryptophan, B vitamins, and vitamins E, D, & K, to support hormonal balance and well-being.

Meet our XX Health Advisory Board

Our formulations are backed by the latest research and informed by the insights of our XX Health Advisory Board

Learn more about our XX Health Advisory Board members

Dr. med. Anne-Sophie Limbach

Laboratory Physician

Pauline Stockmann (M.Sc.)

Clinical Psychologist & Founder of Happy Clappy Club

Dr. med Isabel Gaertner

Doctor Specializing in Gynecology & Obstetrics