Meet our XX Health Advisory Board

Our formulations are backed by the latest research and informed by the insights of our XX Health Advisory Board

Dr. med. Anne-Sophie Limbach

Laboratory Physician

Anne is a doctor of clinical laboratory science and an expert in preventive medicine and nutrition. She has leveraged her over six years of direct patient care experience to bridge the gap between practice, research, and healthcare policy, to help clinicians diagnose and treat patients earlier, leading to improved outcomes.

Dr. med Isabel Gaertner

Doctor Specializing in Gynecology & Obstetrics

Isabel works as a doctor in gynecology at a renowned Bavarian clinic, overseeing over 3,000 births per year. Her daily interaction with pregnant patients offers her a profound understanding of the challenges and joys of this unique phase of life. Notably, her expertise lies in the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and fertility, knowledge deepened not only through her professional experience but also through her own two pregnancies.

Pauline Stockmann (M.Sc.)

Clinical Psychologist & Founder of goodminds

Pauline is a Clinical Psychologist and the founder of the goodminds, who made it her mission to destigmatize mental health and make it accessible to everyone. Before founding the Happy Clappy Club, Pauline worked full-time in the forensic science field. Before this, she helped building the psychological side of leading mental health start-ups, like Selfapy and Likeminded.